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1.8 kg pork sholder butt; 650 g pork boneless flank; 650 g lard; 2 m pork intestines; 2 tbsp coriander; 2 tbsp black pepper; 2 tbsp caraway; 1 tbsp juniper berries; 3 tbsp salt

Kielbasa (Palcówka, Dry-cured Sausage)

Dry the spices in a clean pan on a low heat and then crush them with a pestle and mortar with 1 tbsp coarse sea salt. Cut the rib meat and lard into pieces the size of a large pea and cut the remaining meat into 1" cubes. Pass them through a mincer set on a coarse setting. Mix the ingredients together well and place covered with cling film in a fridge overnight. Stuff the intestine using a sausage filler and twist the sausage to make a long ring. Tie the ends and pierce the skin in the places where air has been trapped. Hang the sausage to dry for 3 days in a dry, well-aired room (in a loft or in a ventilated fridge) and then hang it to mature in a cool dry place for 3-5 weeks.

Kielbasa (Palcówka, Dry-cured Sausage)

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