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½ a rabbit (front and back legs, breast, fillet and kidneys); 4-6 slices pancetta (or bacon); 70 ml olive oil; a couple of stalks of thyme and rosemary; 2-3 cloves garlic; 1 tsp mustard seeds; salt, black pepper

Grilled Marinated Rabbit (Coniglio marinato alla griglia)

Soak the skewers for an hour. Cut up the rabbit and marinate it over night or for a minimum of an hour in the mixture of the olive oil, wine, salt, pepper, mustard seeds and herbs. Dry the pieces with some paper towel. Wrap the breast, fillet and kidneys in the bacon and fix it with a skewer. Grill the meat covered with a lid on a high heat. Place the meat under a grill in the following order (turning and brushing with the marinade at each stage): first the legs, cook for 3 minutes and then add the breast. Cook for another 3 minutes and add the fillet. Cook for another 3 minutes and add the kidneys. Cook for a couple more minutes and then serve with vegetables, herbs and some wine.

Grilled Marinated Rabbit (Coniglio marinato alla griglia)

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