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1 leg of lamb (2kg); fresh rosemary, sage, thyme; a dozen anchovies in oil; 125ml olive oil; 2-4 cloves garlic; salt, black pepper

Lamb with rosemary (Agnello al profumo di rosmarino)

Stuff the lamb with anchovies on all sides. In the same holes place pieces of rosemary, sage and thyme. Place the remaining herbs on the outside of the leg and tie them on with cooking string. Brush the leg with garlic oil (olive oil + garlic + herbs + black pepper) and grill covered with a lid (or in an oven at 170ºC) for 30 minutes per kilo of meat. Turn the leg every 15 minutes and baste with garlic oil every 30 minutes. Measure the temperature of the meat at the thickest part using a meat thermometer; it shouldn’t be more than 60ºC. Remove it from the heat and wrap it in tin foil and cover with a cloth. Leave to stand for 30 minutes and slice thinly. Serve with sauces, vegetables and herbs.

Lamb with rosemary (Agnello al profumo di rosmarino)

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