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500 g cream cheese (Mascarpone); 2 dozen giant lady fingers biscuit (Savoiardi); 1 cup strong coffee (espresso); 5 guinea fowl eggs; 5 tbs. powdered sugar; 2-3 tbs. cocoa powder; 1 tbs. Madeira (optional)


Separate egg yolks from whites. In a mixer on high speed, beat powdered sugar, egg yolks and alcohol into a homogeneous white mass. Add cheese and mix it with the egg mixture on low speed. Fold in whipped egg whites, moving spatula up and down. Quickly dip entire biscuits into coffee, put on a plate in a single layer. In a form of a suitable size and height, put a layer of cream, a layer of cookies, layer of cream, sprinkle with cocoa powder, then put a layer of cream, a layer of cookies, a layer of cream. Sprinkle with grated chocolate and cocoa, refrigerate for at least 5 hours. Cut into portions and serve.

Тирамису (Tiramisu)

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