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300g pork (neck); 2-4 potatoes; 6-8 boiled potatoes; 2 onions; 100g lardons; 1 cup sour cream; ½ cup beetroot vinegar; marjoram; salt, black pepper

Cepelinai (Didžkukuliai, Kartoffelknödel)

Melt the lardons in a pan, remove the skin and set it aside. Soften ½ a chopped onion in half the fat on a medium heat. Chop or pass the meat through a mince grinder, season it well and add the marjoram and the softened onion. Mix well. Wash and peel the raw potatoes and grate them on a fine grater together with ½ an onion so that the potato doesn’t brown. Squeeze out the excess liquid using a muslin cloth. Pour off the potato juice and collect the starch from the bottom. Add it to the raw potato with the mashed boiled potatoes, season with some salt and mix well. Roll lumps of the mince into balls the size of a plum and balls from the potato the size of a small apple. Squash a potato ball into a pancake in one hand and place a mince ball on top. Bring the edges of the pancake together to form the cepelinai. Simmer the cepelinai in some slightly salted water for 15-20 minutes in portions. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce: Soften the remaining onion in the remaining fat and add some sour cream. Pour in the beetroot vinegar, season well and heat it through before adding the crackling. Serve two cepelinai per portion drizzled with the sauce.

Cepelinai (Didžkukuliai, Kartoffelknödel)

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