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½ kg pork (with fat); 300 g turkey (legs); 200 g smoked bacon; 200 g smoked salami; 100g pork fat; 1-1
½ kg sauerkraut; 1 cooking apple; 1 onion; a handful of prunes; a handful dry porcini mushrooms; ½ cup dry red wine; 1 tsp caraway; 1 tbsp juniper berries; 1 bay leaf; salt, 6 black peppercorns

Bigos (Polish Hunters Stew)

Dice the pork fat and fry it in a cast iron pan until the fat runs, remove the crackling and set aside. Cut the pork into small pieces and fry it in the fat. Add the finely chopped onion and cook on a low heat until the onion is soft. If the sauerkraut is particularly sour wash it and drain any excess liquid. Add the caraway, berries, bacon, prunes and wine and bring to the boil. Add the chopped apple and simmer for 1 hour. Leave to cool and freeze. Meanwhile soak a handful of the mushrooms in ½ cup of cold water for a couple of hours. Drain the mushrooms, setting aside the juices, and chop them. Deforst the contents of the pan on a low heat. Chop the turkey into small pieces and fry them in the pork fat. Add the mushrooms and then add the contents of the pan to the casserole. Add the mushroom juices and wine and stir well. Bring to the boil and simmer with the lid on for 1 hour. Leave to cool and freeze. Defrost the contents of the pan and add the chopped salami, reheat and serve with beer.

Біґос (Бiгас, Bigos)

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