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1 kg small cucumbers; 2-6 cloves garlic; blackcurrant or horseradish leaves, cherry or oak leaves, dill heads and seeds, tarragon; 4 peppercorns; 60g salt

Salted Cucumbers (Солёные огурцы, Ogórek kiszony, Salzgurke)

Prepare the pickling juice: add the salt to 1l (4 cups) spring or boiled water and leave to cool. Meanwhile wash the cucumbers and leave them to soak in cold water for an hour. Place the leaves, garlic and spices in a sterile jar and then stand the cucumbers upright in the jar. Pour in the pickling juice so that it covers all the contents of the jar. Place the open jar in a bowl and leave it at room temperature for 3-5 days. Once the pickling process has begun and foam begins to form on the top of the jar remove it and close the jar. Place the jar in a fridge for several weeks before testing the cucumbers. Store them in glass or ceramic containers under an old fashioned weight (a wooden lid with a clean stone on top) removing any mould that may appear. Alternatively drain the pickling juice, boil it through and pour it back over the cucumbers before closing the jar and storing them in the fridge.

Salted Cucumbers (Солёные огурцы, Ogórek kiszony, Salzgurke)

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