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1½-2kg fresh salmon (or trout); 4 tbsp sea salt; 2 tbsp sugar; 2 tsp freshly ground white pepper; 2 handfuls dried dill

Gravad lax (Graavilohi, Gravlax)

Wash and fillet the fish with the skin on (the head, tail, fins and other parts can be frozen and used in another recipe). Remove any large bones. Mix the salt, sugar and pepper together and rub the fish on the meaty side. Sprinkle it with the dry dill. Place the fillets on top of each other salted sides together (skin to skin, flesh to flesh). Wrap the fillets in a muslin and place on a chopping board. Leave in a cool place overnight. Place the slightly salted salmon on a chopping board skin down and slice thin pieces with a long (sashimi) knife beginning at the tail. Serve with lemon and a mustard and dill sauce.

Gravad lax (Graavilohi, Gravlax)

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