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Бефстроганов (Le bœuf Stroganov)
Beef Stroganov
Beef in sour cream sauce
Гречневая каша с гусиными шкварками (Kasza gryczana ze skwarkami)
Buckwheat kasha with goose cracklings
Porridge with remnants of baked goose
Korean style carrots
Korean style carrots
Salad, invented by Koreans in the Soviet Union
Kurnik (Курник)
Kurnik (Курник)
A layered pie with chicken, mushrooms and cereal
Cold soup to cure hangover
Пасха творожная (Паска, Paskha)
Pascha (Pasqua)
Raw curd dessert traditional for Slavic countries
Pasteles con rellenos
Baked pies with mushrooms
Салат Оливье (Russian Salad)
Russian Salad
A version of this salad from before revolutionary times
Земляничная пастила
Strawberry candy (Fruit Leather)
A simple method of preservation of berries for winter
Stroganina (Строганина)
Stroganina (Строганина)
An entree of raw fish served with vodka
Studen (Студень)
Studen (Студень)
A meat jelly made with ox tail
Щи из молодой капусты
Young Сabbage Shchi
Vegetable soup with meat broth