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5-6 medium potatoes; 1 egg; 1 cup of flour; a handful of grated Parmesan cheese; 2 tbs. of butter; a few leaves of sage; a small sprig of rosemary; 1 tsp. of salt

Gnocchi di patate

Wash potatoes, bake in the oven on a bed of coarse salt (optional), peel them, pass through a potato press. Salt the potato mixture, sprinkle with finely chopped rosemary, add an egg and a ⅔ of flour, knead. Divide the dough into 3-4 pieces; roll each of them into a finger thick roll dusting with remaining flour. Cut the rolls into 1 inch (1 cm) pieces, then press them to a fork turning slightly to create a distinctive pattern. Add butter and sage in a cold pan, fry on a low heat until fragrant. Meanwhile, boil the gnocchi in salted water for 1 minute after surfacing, remove with a slotted spoon and shift to the pan, mix gently over high heat. Serve sprinkled with cheese.

Ньокки (Gnocchi di patate)

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