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2 kg pork ham; 500 g of fat; 1 pork bladder; 1 tbsp. each coriander, black pepper, cumin; 1 tbsp. juniper berries; 2 garlic cloves (optional); 50 ml of vodka (optional); 3 tbsp. of salt; 1 tsp. of sugar

Škalondza (Skilandis)

Fry spices on low heat in a dry skillet, grind in a mortar with 1 tbsp. of coarse salt. Chop meat and fat to pea size pieces. Add ground spices, salt, sugar, and vodka to the meat and knead well, refrigerate covered overnight. Soak pork bladder in boiling water, drain. Stuff the bubble tightly, close the hole, tie crisscross, hang in a dry cool place for 7-10 weeks. Or: hold between two plates, tied with a string and smoke by cold alder smoke for 3 weeks. Slice and serve as a snack.

Škalondza (Skilandis)

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